Color & Design Consultations


Whether you are trying to create a calm and neutral feel or bold artistic room, Diamond Painting & Home Improvement  is there to assist you in your paint color and design choices every step of the way. Choosing a paint color scheme can create anxiety, for some people, creating a stressful and overwhelming situation. We’re here for you! With over 20 years of industry and design experience, you never need to feel overwhelmed again. Our personalized paint color and design consultation service will give you the support, confidence and knowledge you need to make an informed paint color and design decision for your home. We’ll help you find inspiration and give you solid industry advice so we can create the unique feel you are looking for.

To make the most of your paint color and design consultation, we’ve included some basic paint color tips related to choosing the right paint color scheme for your taste.

  • Collect a few images that feel and express the paint color, style and design you are trying to create in your space. By gathering images that inspire you, we will be better prepared to help you achieve the right feel and look for your space.
  • Remember that colors work in harmony together with light, room space and your particular furniture style. If you are trying to create a more active space, consider choosing more intense, stronger colors. This also applies to light-colored paint choices. Try choosing paint colors that are slightly more saturated, rather than off-white paint or light pastel paint.
  • Think about the ultimate mood you are working to create in your space. For example, are you looking for a formal dining room or one that is social and stimulating? Your final paint color choice should reflect your desired feel.
  • Warm, contrasting colors typically instill a social atmosphere, whereas deeper blues and neutrals will offer a more formal environment.
  • The lighting you have in your project space is important to consider. Natural daylight shows the “true” color of paint. Yellows and Warmer toned colors are accentuated with incandescent lighting, where fluorescent lighting casts a more blue tone onto painted walls.

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